Metamorphosis is a well known piece of literature written by Franz Kafka in 1915. If you're unfamiliar with the story, it is about a character named Gregor who wakes up one morning, into this hiddeous vermin. 
We was given this story as a brief to study and to interprit into a piece of design. It didn't have to be too literal, it could form any solution and contain any content as long as it formed under the idea of this metamorphosis occuring.
My solution was a concertina book that carried out as a literature analysis of Chapter 1. I used type to morph into weird shapes and imagery to represent this surreal situation that Gregor finds himself in. The concertina also analyses Franz Kafka (author of the book), as it has a very close reference between Kafka and Gregors lifestyle. My target audience is of Students that are studying literature, or have an interest in literature as it would contain all the facts about Franz in relation to Gregors experience.
There is more to come, so you can see the whole range of the other chapters. So keep your eyes peeled.
Concertina as a whole
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