This was a group project where we all had to come up with a topic that effected the 21st Century, within society. So, we came up with Idle magazine which is a series of Zines that demonstrated how lazy our society has become, focusing on: Technology, Communication, Emotions, Food, Music and Fame.
They all consisted of a minimal colour palette, which best represented the chosen topic and was packaged in a belly box.
We also created a photostory around the topic of Austerity Measures. Ours focused on greed and how people, especially the younger generations, spend all of their money on the latest XBox game or a piece of clothing that they don't need, and yet they're living in poverty. We played on this by exaggerating the scenerios with 'Living inside a box'.
My magazine in particular, 'Tick-Fuckaddy-Tock, is about impatience and emotion. How we can go miles out of our way, but as soon as you get delayed a couple of minutes, or someone holds you up, you get pissed off. It's about how we're constantly wanting everything here and now.
Collaboration with Jenna Brightwell, Jake Brennan, Rebecca Civil, Rebecca Allsopp and Tommy Evans.
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