This was a brief given to me to capture the essence of 'Conflict', and to recreate conflict into a design solution, whether it will promote a certain conflict or inform your target audience. It was entirely down to me.
I had chosen the Kony 2012 campaign, as it was in the lime light at the time. My strategy behind my design was to inform the audience that didn't have the luxury of the Web, as the Kony campaign in itself is Web based. So, the solution for this brief was to use emotion from the children that was effected by the Ugandian war criminal Joseph Kony, and help spread awareness via postcards. Direct mailing in personalised envelope designs, sealed with a Kony wax seal. The postcards would state information, how people could help and it gave the audience to write back to the campaign, with letters to the LRA children etc.
There was also a glow in the dark poster designed for it's own exhibition piece, that was created for the April poster campaign. Allowing you to search for Kony in areas around London - spreading awareness.
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